Mum, I'm here!

Mum, I'm here! is a website that was launched in October 2014, with the purpose of providing a map tool for everyone, a tool that not only I (Nico) got to use, but that has been used and loved by almost 300 users!

I have been on the road for over 13 months: this (doesn't make me an expert but) means I am a constant and active user of Mum, I'm here!; that's why there are always more and more features, because there are things I want/need to have.

This is not just a website for adding maps: it's also a tool to connect with other travelers, discover the immensity of Planet Earth and its wonders, and the most important thing of all: to get inspired, pack your bags and hit the road, and become one of the travelers you've so much longed to be.

All said, what are you waiting for?

Did I forget to say that it's 100% free?

Who has made it possible

Traveler without regrets.
Himalayan trekker and camper.

Nico Jones

web developer

Full time expat.
Professional bed tester.


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